CMS Websites


content management systems

Content Management Systems are a tool that allows website owners to self edit a webpage
(e.g. Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace). 

Websites designed with content that is editable by you

Website administrators can perform tasks such as blogging, updating text and images, creating links, and adding video to web pages.
Often times business owners prefer to make minor changes to their site themselves or their site requires frequent changes and updates.

I offer solutions to easily manage your own content within the framework of a custom website that will fit your business needs. The platform I offer is closed source (or proprietary software), stable and fully supported (including the widgets) unlike other open source software, read more...

No need to have HTML & CSS knowledge. No technical knowledge needed! Just a little experience with Microsoft Word and your good to go. My CMS can be accessed from anywhere you have your laptop and an internet connection, no software to download and keep updated. It's that simple.

Contact me to learn more about managing your own website and to try the software.

Superheros who manage their websites

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